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Dear Mrs John
We just wanted to say thank you to you and your team at Offham. You have done such a wonderful job of bringing some normality to our children’s lives during these crazy times. You should definitely be proud of what you have achieved.
Best wishes
The Hood Family (2020)


Good Morning Mr Cook

I just wanted to send a quick email to say how much R is enjoying being in your class.

You must make all of your lessons so fun  and engaging as R comes home every day telling me all about the Romans or about the Jewish religion and even sewing with such enthusiasm. He then tells his dad all over again when he gets home! 

We are thrilled to see him so happy and so interested in learning. 

Y4 Parent (2020)



Dear Mrs John and your team
I just want to say how amazing and fantastic I think you all are at Offham. I feel so lucky J attends such an amazing school with such friendly and caring staff. You are all doing an amazing job as always and it’s so lovely to see your smiling faces each morning and afternoon.
I really hope you are all still finding time for yourselves and to put your feet up. I know you might think that is easy for me to say but you must do so, it is so important or you will burn out.

Thank you again for all your hard work and efforts in keeping our children safe and happy. I hope you all have a relaxing as can be weekend.

Many thanks

Jill Thake (Blue class parent 2020)



Dear Mrs John,


As we approach the end of term one I wanted to email you and say how grateful I am to you and your staff for providing A (year 3) with such a positive and nurturing start to Offham Primary School.  A has bounced into school happy and confident from the start and it is wonderful to see him thriving and enjoying all the new topics and making new friendships. Mrs Rodgers and Miss Rose have been brilliant with the care and attention they have given A and I really am very grateful for all the support they have given me.  There is no doubt he has absorbed and enjoyed all the lessons and he is engaged and curious.  And just very happy!  On asking A if he felt happy at Offham he said: Yes, I just feel myself and I am putting my hand up more in class and making lots of friends and school is good fun."


With Best Wishes,

Sarah & A (Year 3 2020)



Dear Mrs John

We are delighted with x start to the year and new term. x has never been so enthusiastic and engaged since he started his education at Offham school! So we are saying a really big thank you, he talks non- stop about school in a very positive manner.  He is eager to learn and do well at school. The communications book and class web page is delightful to read and very insightful, we feel much closer to the action of x life at school.

We really appreciate the recognition he has received for doing well in class and the emotional awareness and sensitivity by way of support.  


It took us a trip to a private school to really appreciate what a great job you are all doing at Offham school, and what a wonderful school Mrs John has makes it! We are so proud that x attends Offham school. He is certainly in the right environment, and with your continued support he will thrive and excel. We also really appreciate the great support Miss Rogers provides to get over the line with his EHC plan.


Parent of a child with SEND needs (2020)


Dear Mrs John,

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you and your team for your efforts during this first half term! As a school leader myself with responsibility for the smooth daily running of the site I know how difficult these times are. I think the system you have in place for drop off/pick up is magnificent and we are just delighted with the safe manner in which you have led the school!


Steffan Ball

Vice Principal, Head of Sherwood School

Parent to Lottie Y5, Romeo Y4 and Xavier Y2

Having had three daughters attend Offham School over the last 14 years, we will be sad to say goodbye but the school has been amazing and continues to be so. I would just like to say a personal thank you for providing all our daughters with such a fantastic start to their education from which they all have so many happy memories. 


With kind regards,

Sam & Neil Schwemm (Parents of a child in Y6 2017-18)

I just wanted to send an email to say a huge Thank You for Benjamin's first year at Offham Primary School. He has had a strong, fun and enjoyable year with a supportive team caring and encouraging him along the way. 

Thank you Mrs John for your hard work, care and your above and beyond approach to Offham. You should be proud of you first year. 

We think it's a top school. 


Amy Davis (Parent of a Reception child 2016-17)