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The Purple Mash Curriculum for Computing

Our Curriculum Intent for Computing


At Offham Primary School, it is our aim to give pupils the opportunity to learn and develop in a rapidly advancing technological world. We intend to integrate technology in to all areas of the curriculum through targeted, well planned lessons in core subjects and foundations subjects.

Since technology usage is evolving rapidly, we teach a skills based curriculum as opposed to a knowledge based curriculum. In practice, this gives children the opportunity for experiential and experimental learning as they explore new software and hardware to discover the uses and limitations for each. This gives pupils the opportunity to learn how to access software and solve problems independently on any given piece of technology. The method of integrating technology in to core and foundation lessons is called the SAMR model. This acronym refers to different ways of utilising technology in the classroom.


S: Substitute

A: Augment

M: Modify

R: Redefine


Teaching and Learning in Computing

At Offham Primary School, our Computing curriculum ensures that children are well versed in the digital world and they are able to apply their skills on a variety of different software and hardware. Our excellent teachers are up to date with the latest in educational, technological resources. Our teachers and pupils have access to Purple Mash, which allow them access to a variety of different tools which allow children to learn valuable skills in a safe environment. Our experienced teachers give children the opportunity to engage in interesting scenarios and activities which challenge and push boundaries.