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New Reception Admissions for 2020-2021


Hi! Welcome to Offham, we are so excited that you have chosen to take a look at our school website and to find out more about our school. We know that you have a really challenging job on your hands currently, choosing the right school for your child for September 2021. Here at Offham we want to help you as much as we can. We have therefore added lots of useful information to this page. We will be updating this regularly so please do check back often. We are also always on the end of the phone, so if you would like to find out more please don't hesitate to give us a ring. We really hope that you will fall in love with our little school and we hope to see you at Offham soon!


Offham Primary School 2020 - Our Promotional Video


Please click on the picture below to see a video all about our school


Virtual Walk Round Tour 


We know it is really hard not being able to step over the threshold of local school to get that 'is this home' feeling! Whilst we are so sorry that current lockdown stipulations mean we currently can't provide this experience we hope that our virtual 360 walk around tour will be the next best thing. Click on the picture below to begin your tour. 


Our Year 6 children made their own videos about our school in their computing lessons - they had a lot of fun using a green screen! 


Click on the picture to watch their film!


Find out more about Offham Primary School...


Use the below Powerpoint links to listen to the presentation Mrs John, our headteacher, would have made at each of our Open Morning for Prospective parents. We have broken the presentations, which are voiced over by Mrs John, into short chunks for easier digestion as there is lots of additional information all about Offham included within. We hope that you find the presentation useful.

2020/2021 ADMISSIONS


We currently have the following spaces for in-year admissions -

1 space in Year 6


If you would like any more information about in year admission or how to apply for one of these spaces, or how to go on the waiting list to be considered for a space in one of our other cohorts please email Mr Tim Salter on 

Over Subscription Criteria


The oversubscription criterion is a set of rules Offham School uses if it receives too many requests for the places that it has available.


Offham is a one form entry school and so has 30 places available.

Our oversubscription criterion is as follows:


  • Children in Local Authority Care and children who have been adopted from Care.


  • Current family association (sibling) - “Siblings” means children who live as brother and/or sister in the same house, including natural brothers/sisters, adopted siblings, step brothers/sisters and foster brothers/sisters. 

This link will stand if the family have continued to live at the same house as when the

older sibling was admitted OR if the family have moved, but are still within 2 miles of

the school.


  • Health, Social and Special Access Reasons – Priority under Health and Special Access reasons will be given to those children who have (or whose parent/parents/guardian have) a mental or physical impairment or social need which means they have a demonstrable and significant need to attend our School.  This needs to be supported  by written evidence from a suitably qualified medical or other practitioner, which can demonstrate a special connection between these needs and Offham School meaning Offham is the only school that can accommodate these needs.


  • Nearness of Children’s Homes to School – KCC’s measuring software uses assigned address point data provided annually by Ordnance Survey.  The measurement is taken as a straight line (as the crow flies) from a child’s assigned address point to the School’s assigned address point.  Address point references allow KCC to calculate distances in miles to four decimal places.

The child’s home address is considered to be a residential property that is the child’s only or main residence and not an address at which the child may stay during the week such as a friend’s, grandparent’s or childminder’s home; it can be owned, leased or rented by the child’s parent, parents or guardian.