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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Leadership Team

Mrs Emily John - Headteacher
Mrs Lisa Reason - Deputy Headteacher
Miss Olenka Kostiw - Assistant Headteacher
Miss Rebecca Rodgers - Inclusion Manager / SENDco

Office Team

Mrs Sandra Mason - Office/Premises Manager
Mr Tim Salter - Admissions/ Attendance/ HR

Family Liaison

Mrs Heeley - Family Liaison Officer

Reception Team

Mrs Knight - Teacher
Miss Drabble - Teacher
Miss Moore - Teaching Assistant

Year 1 Team

Miss Rosser - Teacher
Mrs Baker - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Bannister - Teaching Assistant

Year 2 Team

MrsTerry - Teacher
Mrs Reason - Teacher
Mrs Denmark - Teaching Assistant

Year 3 Team

Mrs Rose - Teacher
Mrs Hurst - Teacher
Miss Johnson - Teaching Assistant
Miss Lippard - Apprentice Teacher Assistant

Year 4 Team

Mrs Killick - Teacher
Miss Graham - Teaching Assistant

Year 5 Team

Miss Brady - Teacher
Mrs Thomas - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Wilson - 1:1 Teaching Assistant

Year 6 Team

Miss Rodgers - Year 6 Teacher
Miss Kostiw - Year 6 Teacher
Mrs Price - Year 6 Teaching Assistant
Mr Hutchinson - 1:1 Teaching Assistant
Miss Wood - Teaching Assistant

Midday Supervisors & Kitchen Staff

Ms Pirson- School Chef
Mrs Payne- Midday Supervisor
Mrs Hancock- Midday Supervisor
Miss Gillett- Midday Supervisor (Maternity Leave)
Mrs Robinson- Midday Supervisor
Miss Lippard - Midday Supervisor
Lesley Archer - Midday Supervisor
Mr Hutchinson - Midday Supervisor