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Our Curriculum - Subject Overviews



The Offham Primary School Curriculum is fully underpinned by our five school values. To find out more about our Values Led Curriculum or our individual school values click the links below

At Offham we keep our pedagogical knowledge current and, with this in mind, draw upon several powerful sources of knowledge in the construction of our Curriculum. The following theories have been instrumental in shaping the teaching and learning experiences at Offham:


*Cognitive load theory.
* Principles of instruction.
* Generative learning practice.


All curriculum areas are given equal importance and weighting at Offham, this is because we acknowledge that the best societies and organisations value and make use of a wide and varied range of personal attributes and abilities. We work hard to celebrate and recognise the strengths, and also the progress of all, valuing personal development and encouraging our pupils to challenge themselves. Therefore, each term our curriculum subjects are taught cross curricularly within a termly ‘context for learning’. To find out about the different 'contexts for learning' each year group will study, take a look at our year by year curriculum overviews by clicking below.

The Curriculum with Unity Schools Partnership (CUSP)


At Offham we are proud to be part of the Curriculum with Unity Schools Partnership (CUSP) and use this curriculum, written by Alex Bedford (Unity Schools Partnership's Primary Advisor) as a base for our learning and teaching in:

CUSP, underpinned by current evidence, research and cognitive science, is designed to be:

  • Connected,
  • Cumulative and
  • Coherent


Modules are deliberately sequenced for robust progression. There is an emphasis on oracy and vocabulary acquisition, retention and use to break down learning barriers and accelerate progress. A rich diet of language and vocabulary is deliberately planned for. 


Specific skills are discreetly taught and practiced so that they become transferrable. The sequenced modules activate prior learning, build on skills and deepen knowledge and understanding. Learning, vocabulary and content is cumulative; content is learned, retrieved and built upon. CUSP encourages a meaningful and cross curricular 'context for learning' approach, within which our teachers make links between subjects and practical real-life experiences. CUSP helps is to inspire and motivate our children to be successful learners.