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Remote / Home learning Information Jan 2021

Offham Primary School's Remote Learning Offer from January 2021


Each Class Teacher will upload a weekly planner for each new week of remote learning onto their personal Class Page. The Class Pages can be found under the ‘children’ tab on our school website. These Class pages have been password protected so that the content within is protected and only available to Offham families. We ask that our families do not share their passwords for the school website for safeguarding reasons. If you are an Offham family and need help logging in, please contact the School Office.


The Weekly Planner will include:

  • A daily link for your child to log into a live English lesson with their Class Teacher. For years Blue, Green and Purple Classes this English lesson will be at 9.00am. For years Red, Orange and Yellow Classes this English lesson will be live at 10.00am. Rainbow Class are not having live lessons but have pre-recorded sessions on their planners for each day. The English lessons will have resources which are all accessible through the Class Pages. 


  • A Guided Reading live session link. Your child will read in a small group with their class teacher live twice a week. The teachers have split the class into 4 new reading groups to use during this lockdown period. Please check the weekly planner carefully to see which days and which times your child will need to join a group to read with their teacher. All reading sessions will take place between 11am and 1pm. (Sessions will be around 20mins long). 


  • A daily link for your child to log into a live Maths lesson. For years Blue, Green and Purple Classes this Maths lesson will be at 1.00pm. For years Red, Orange and Yellow Classes this Maths lesson will be live at 2.00pm. Rainbow Class will have pre-recorded Maths sessions which can be accessed through their Class Pages. The Maths lessons will have resources to use accessible through the Class Pages. 


  • A Foundation Subject lesson (History, Geography, Computing, RE, Art/Design Technology, Science) for every day. These lessons each have a pre-recorded video input from your child's Class Teacher to look through first and follow up resources to go with them. All of these can be accessed via the links in the planner. These lessons can be slotted into your timetable for the at a point of your choosing. There no live teacher input for these sessions.  

In addition to the planner lessons and resources we will be uploading the following sessions as pre-recorded videos weekly to the class pages under a section titled ‘additional lessons’:


  • A weekly Assembly
  • A weekly PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economics Education) session
  • A weekly P.E lesson (from the lovely Miss Roots)
  • A weekly singing / music lesson (from Mrs Hurst)
  • A weekly French lesson for KS2 (from Mrs Price) 


These sessions will be uploaded at different points in the week as and when the specialist teachers are able to add them. Please feel free to fit these in as and when works for your schedule. 

Does my child have to attend the Live Lessons?

We would obviously prefer it if the children could join all available streamed lessons live with their teachers, giving them the opportunity to ask questions and socialise with their peers. However, we completely understand that many parents will also be trying to juggle work commitments and will therefore also record the English and Maths live sessions. We are sorry that it is not possible to record the guided reading sessions.  

Following the close of the English and Maths sessions the teachers will upload them to our secure and private Offham YouTube channel. The links to access these videos will only be accessible through the Class Pages (hence us making them password protected) and will not be searchable via a web browser. These links should not being shared via WhatsApp or on other social media platforms as this undermines the security of the videos.  

Please share your child's learning with their Class Teacher after the lessons, so that it can be marked, via Evidence Me

Rules for participating in live lessons:


In order to protect the children in our classes and the class teachers we have a set of rules for our live lessons that we are kindly asking all parents, carers and Offham children to follow. These rules are in line with our safeguarding policy. Failure to follow these rules may mean us having to revoke access to live sessions for your children.  

  1. Do not share links to the Live Sessions or the post recordings of sessions with others, especially via WhatsApp or other social media platforms.
  2. Please ensure that your child is fully dressed and not in PJs or fancy dress when attending zoom sessions.
  3. Please ensure that there is an adult presence throughout the entirety of the Live Session to ensure children behave appropriately and are able to use the technological functions needed to interact with the lesson.
  4. Please ensure that your child accesses the live sessions from a communal area of your home, not a bedroom or bathroom. If this is unavoidable please ensure an appropriate virtual background is used. This is a safeguarding requirement.
  5. Please ensure that the user name is set as your child’s first name and initial if there is more than one child with the same name. Please do not add their Surname. 

We are looking forward to working with you and your children via our Live Lesson Platform over the next two weeks for our core subjects. Although we are sure that we can continue to deliver an outstanding provision using this technology, it is very different to learning in the classroom, which makes personalised support difficult. It is for this reason that we would like to give you some tips to enable your child to succeed in these challenging circumstances.  

  1. We have scheduled times for our Live Lessons, though children are able to watch these after the session through a password protected YouTube link to help fit your schedule.
  2. Although children will have differentiated activities, they may need support from an adult at times for some of these to enable them to fully access the learning.
  3. Your child will be automatically muted when entering the virtual classroom. Please could you teach your child how to mute and unmute themselves using your device prior to the sessions.
  4. In KS2, your child may be asked to use certain features of the Live Lesson software, specifically annotation, chat and raise hand. Although this will be modelled by your class teachers, your child may need an occasional reminder. It might useful to watch the very first Live Session with your child if you would like guidance in these functions.  
  5. We would recommend accessing the Live Lesson link and setting your child’s name five minutes before the session is due to start. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to email your class teacher on the email listed on their class page. Alternatively, the class teacher will be ringing you once a week to check in. Please note that this call will not display a caller ID, your teacher will leave a voicemail message if you do not answer. 

Bug Club - our online platform for Reading, Comprehension and Phonics activities

Purple Mash / Mini Mash (YR)

Times tables Rock Stars

Additional websites/links to support further learning at home:



Joe Wicks PE

Joe Wicks (fitness coach) is leading a workout (PE lesson) every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at 9am via his youtube channel. A great way to start the day!


BBC bitesized

A range of video lessons for every year group



Resources put together to support the emotional needs of children during this time. These sheets may be particularly helpful for children who regularly benefit from ELSA support at Offham.



Home learning packs. Fantastic range of resources for all topic areas and all year groups. A fantastic resource used in all classes here at Offham. 


Phonics Play

Usually a subscription website for phonics teaching but Phonics Play are offering free logins during this time. EYFS and KS1 use this resource for a lot of their phonics planning and teaching at Offham. Username: march20 Password: home

Username: jan21 Password: home 

Either of these usernames and passwords will work. 


Switcheroo Zoo

Watch listen and play games to learn about animals.


Fun Brain

Maths and Reading skills.


National Geographic for Kids

Learn about geography.


Into the Book

Play games that practice reading strategies.


Star Fall Practice reading skills

Practice Maths and reading skills


Highlight Kids

Play science games


BBC Bitesize

Learning resources for all subjects.


Woodlands Junior School

Learning for all different topics.


Audible for as long as schools are closed- audible is open! Audible are offering free streaming service on  wide range of stories and songs for children to enjoy


Oxford Owl

Free e-books.