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The 'Responsibility' Team

Miss Rosser, Mrs Terry, Mr Magson, Mrs Tilley and Miss Bartholomew

At Offham we believe that it is so important that our children understand the responsibilities that they have both now and in the future. It is important that children learn to take responsibility for their behaviour and make educated choices both in school and in life.


We encourage the children at Offham to take responsibility for their surroundings in school, in the local community and in the wider world. As a school we are working towards our Green flag Eco-Schools status.

  • Offham’s Eco-Council are encouraging the school to look after their school grounds – creating new habitats for animals, recycling, saving water etc.
  • As a school we are also looking to support Offham Village by completing termly litter picks.
  • We are also educating our children about things they can do that will impact the wider world and look at current issues - such as the plastic in the sea.


Through the spring and summer months the children are involved in growing their own food for the kitchen and raising our own planters. The children get to be involved in raising their own chickens and collecting their eggs – selling them in the office.


Our school Eco-Council work purposefully to ensure that we are always forward planning and thinking. They collaboratively create and work from an Eco-Action-Plan: which can be seen on our Eco display board situated just outside the school office.


At Offham we love taking our learning outside into the school grounds and local environment.





We recently completed an Eco-Week as a school where all the children were encouraged to think about as many ways as they could to be environmentally friendly. This included creating some litter poems, a whole school litter pick, woodland walks and promotional videos about being responsible and picking up litter.

Science Week January 2019


Theme - Journeys


This year at Offham we celebrated Science week the first week back after Christmas, the children had a fantastic time investigating journeys of all different types.


Some of the journeys we looked at included a walk to the woods and the children either created a journey stick for EYFS and Key Stage 1 and a 'Nature Diary' for Key Stage 2. The children also experimented with and observed others journeys such as: How far a sneeze can travel? The journey of water through a plant and how we can use air to make things travel including rockets, cars and hovercrafts.


The whole school took part in a thrilling bottle rocket investigation, which involved a range of different variables such as; the size of the bottle and the quantity or material inside the bottle.

This investigation was enjoyed by all including all the teachers who ended up soaking wet!!