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Just as we teach and establish the classroom structures for learning to read we can do the same for building and supporting resilience, a proactive skill in all our students. When the teachers at our school establish resilient classrooms they support memorable experiences for children and higher academic achievement.


We encourage children to develop an ethos of never giving up and never giving in, part of learning to be resilient is learning that mistakes are a purposeful tool for learning and a positive experience to work through.


Our children are always encouraged to aim higher and higher. We believe that children will persist in problem solving if we support that persistence. Children become more confident in their skills when we convey to them, through positive nurturing and encouragement, that they are capable and up to the challenge.


Part of learning to be resilient is also recognising that there will also be times when things get tough. We are committed at promoting positive mental health and well-being at Offham and therefore, through our PSHE, nurture and wellbeing schemes, we also aim to help our children develop the capacity to work through difficult times.