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Our Curriculum - Year Group Overviews

On this page we aim to give you an overview of the teaching and learning in our school. Our KS1 and KS2 teachers follow the National Curriculum. The below Year Group Curriculum Overviews detail the specific knowledge and skills children will learn as they enter each new year group. To find out more about individual subjects and how our Curriculum builds cohesively and progressively throughout the school click on the link below

You will see, detailed at the top of each term within the Year Group Overviews a 'Context for Learning'.


Our ‘contexts for learning’ are overarching topics, carefully selected to appeal to the children’s interests, provide values-linked concepts and lessons, and, in many cases enable our pupils to base their modern-day understanding within a historical, geographical, or social context. Our ‘contexts for learning’ are planned carefully to ensure an immersive, inspiring and engaging medium, linked to high-quality texts and providing hands-on experiential opportunities. Progression and development of pupils’ skills and correct pitching of expectation is essential in our desire to ensure every pupil is supported in reaching their full potential. 

Assessment Descriptors 


At the end of each year, the school will carry out teacher assessments for Reading, Writing, and Maths. They will decide, based on their knowledge of your child, a range of internal test procedures including recall practice results throughout the year, and the work in the children's books, whether your child has met .1 .2 .3 .4 or .5 for these subjects. To learn more about what we are looking for your child to be able to do within each assessment criteria please take a look at the Assessment Descriptor documents below.


To find out more about day-to-day assessment within lessons at Offham please take a look at our feedback and assessment policy linked here.