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Meet the Teacher 2020-21

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Miss Killick:


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Welcome to Red Class. It is Term 2 already!


  • Drop off – 8.30am at school
  • Pick up – 3.30pm at school

Your teaching staff are:


  • Miss Killick (Monday to Thursday inclusive)
  • Mrs Knight (Friday)
  • Mrs Denmark (Teaching Assistant – Higher Level, Monday to Friday)
  • Mrs Wilson (One to One – Monday to Friday)



Mrs John has informed you of the various arrangements that we have made to protect your children’s health at this time, but please contact Miss Killick or Mrs Knight by email if you have any questions or concerns. Contact details are above.


Term 2


Topic: ‘Land Ahoy’



Our initial activities this term will be based around a short text called 'Pirate Tom'.  The children will learn to recite the text using simultaneous actions. The aim is that by learning the text, the quality of the writing that they produce linked to it will be enriched.



Initial lessons will involve recapping some previous learning and we are set to start the year with:


  • Addition Continued) and Subtraction.
  • Money.



Red Class sessions are on a Tuesday afternoon with Miss Roots and on Thursday morning with Miss Killick/Mrs Denmark. This term we will focus on .

Please ensure your child’s PE kit is in school, complete and fully named. Earrings are not permissible during PE and we are unable to assist children with their removal. Therefore, please ensure that earrings are not worn on these days (unless piercing is recent). If you have any queries or concerns regarding your child’s participation in PE, please contact Miss Killick by email.



The children will have weekly lessons on Tuesday afternoons with Miss Kostiv.


The lessons referred to below will be taught during the afternoons in one week blocks.


Weeks  History/Geography - 'Pirates'


Week Science – ‘Plants’


Week  – Computing ‘Online Safety ’


Weeks  - Art/DT


Week  - R.E (Christmas)



As our learning gets underway, we will try and keep you updated on our activities in the above lessons through Evidence Me.

All Year



Each Friday, starting in Week 2 of each Term, your child will be given spellings. These will be tested the following Friday. Spellings include statutory words as well as words from a number of prescribed spelling patterns. There are groups for spelling, your child will be told which they are in. You should also be able to cross check their spelling book with those published on this page under the icon above.


Please encourage your child to practise - your support in this area is invaluable. Helping your child to use the words in sentences may assist their learning.



This is a fundamental part of your child’s Year 2 learning routine and we recommend that you listen to your child read at home at least four times a week. Your child will be sent home with a reading book from school and they will continue to have access to Bug Club at home. Please annotate their Reading Records with their reading progress. Please note that we have re-organised the School's reading books, so your child's reading book may not precisely replicate what was being read at the end of Year 1.


Given the current restrictions regarding the sharing of resources (reading books are shared across Key Stage 1), and the need to limit the number of items travelling between school and home, it is likely that we will only be able to provide your child with one reading book per week. Once your child returns a book to us, it will be ‘quarantined’ for at least 72 hours before it becomes available to be used again.


That said, your support with reading is hugely appreciated and is likely to influence your child's writing as well as reading progress.  In school, house points are awarded to children who read at least four times a week at home. Each week we will name a ‘Reader of the Week’ based on home reading and in-school Guided Reading sessions.


Finally, please note that our Library slot is on a Tuesday afternoon. Your children will be able to select from a range of books which have been appropriately quarantined. Please send Library books back on a Tuesday if your child would like a new one.


Times tables

By the end of Year 2, children are expected to know their 2, 5 and 10 times tables. Many will also be proficient in 3 times table.  In Term 1 we have practised counting in these intervals and weekly testing will begin in Term 2. We have also set corresponding tasks on Times Tables Rockstars. If you would like, please practise the above tables with your children.



From Week 2, children will be given  10 different activities to choose from. These will be in their Homework Books and accessible via the icon above.


Each week, children must choose one activity to complete for their homework. They are expected to choose a mixture of different subjects (not to complete a Maths task every week). Homework will still be set every Friday and it is to be handed back in on Wednesday. There are two groups for Homework. Unless otherwise indicated, your child is in Group 1.



We hope the above is helpful. Please contact us if you have any queries or concerns.


Miss Killick & Mrs Knight