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Rainbow Class

Welcome to Rainbow Class!


We are so excited to start a new year with you. There are lots of adults in our classroom for you to get to know:


Mrs Terry is your teacher between Monday and Thursday - although she will also be teaching in some other classes on Wednesdays and Thursdays.


Mrs Hurst is your teacher between Wednesday and Friday - she will also be teaching in other classes on Wednesdays and Thursdays.


Miss Moore, Mrs Baker, Miss Wood and Miss Roots are our Teaching Assistants throughout the week.

Hi we are Mrs Terry (on the left) and Mrs Hurst. We are so excited to be your new teachers. 


Mrs Terry is also KS1 leader and leads the school's outdoor learning. Mrs Hurst leads the school's music. We are really lucky to be able to both have been timetabled to take the class to the woods together. We have planned some lovely activities to do with our term's topic of Autumn and can't wait to start using our fabulous new outdoor area.


Over the summer holidays, we were really busy redesigning our classroom. We have tried to embrace the naturally beautiful area our school sits in, by using lots of natural materials and colours in the classroom. 



Please make sure that all clothing is named. Children will need to have their PE kits in school at all times (just in case), ready for our PE lessons on Wednesdays. We will be going to the woods on a Thursday morning. Children will need a woods kit (wellies, waterproof trousers and a waterproof jacket or an all in one waterproof. They will also need trousers and a top that won't matter if they get muddy. A spare pair of socks would also be a good idea in wet weather).

Home Learning.


Thank you all for the amazing chatterboxes. They are providing fantastic speaking and listening tasks for the children and we are slowly working through them. Thank you again for your collective efforts with them. It is so lovely for hear the children speaking about their lives and families at home. 


Please find below a link to the home learning for the rest of the term. You should have found book ' The Run Away Pea' in your child's book bag. The homework tasks all link to this book. Please try to complete 1 task each week and send us evidence of this using the evidence me system. This way we can see the wonderful things that the children have been doing at home. You can send short videos or photographs of what you have been doing for us to see and comment on at school. 


Reading books 


Dear Parents/Carers,


Your child will begin to bring home reading books from Stage 1 and 2 (lilac and pink) of our reading scheme. Stage 1 books are wordless and some pink books have very little words but are very important to your child’s early reading development. Early books allow children to learn how stories work including: how to turn pages, the order and direction in which they read without the pressure of too many words. Children will enjoy talking about what they can see and making links to some of their own experiences.


Activities and ideas when you are reading with your child:

  • Allow your child to organise and hold the book themselves.
  • Allow them to turn the pages.
  • Respond to your child’s ideas by repeating their ideas back and introducing new words to increase their vocabulary.
  • Look at the front cover and discuss the title with your child.
  • Talk about any similar experience your child has had that might relate to their book/story.
  • Encourage your child to add in suitable sounds and actions whilst telling the story.
  • Ask your child to point to things that can be seen on the page e.g. The orange cat.


Children’s reading books will be changed every Tuesday. Unfortunately, we are unable to hand out any more than 1 book per child each week due to the quarantine measures that we must follow when the book is returned. Alongside this reading book we will provide you with a log on to ‘Bug Club’ which is an online reading platform where teachers set books for children to read suitable to their reading age. This offers children the opportunity to read books online (helping with their story telling and decoding skills) as well as building on their inference and understanding of the text they are reading.


Below is also a link to some suggested texts that you may wish to share with your children that will interest them, support their growing vocabulary and build on their love for books.


Mrs Terry, Mrs Hurst and the Rainbow team 

My Phonics Packs - playing with sounds


This term your child will also bring a special phonics pack home. Inside the pack will be a set of vecro backed, laminated sound cards. We will add to these cards each time the children learn a new sound at school. There is a special word board too, which you can stick the sounds to each time you make a new word. We would be delighted if you could play with the sound cards and the word board together at home with your child. Use the different sounds to make as many different words as you can together. These can be real words or pretend words. we call pretend words 'alien words' at school. You can play with your phonics pack together as much as you like, but we recommend having a look with your child at least once a week. 


for example: if you have the sounds 


s a t p i n 


you can make:











and also some silly alien words like:








Contact my teacher:


Mrs Terry:


Mrs Hurst: