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Our Values Led Curriculum

Our Values Led Curriculum 


At Offham Primary School our curriculum is fully underpinned by our five school values. These values, developed in collaboration with pupils, parents, staff members and wider stakeholders, define the qualities we aspire for all pupils at Offham Primary school to demonstrate. We strongly believe that, by embedding these values into everything our pupils learn, experience, and aspire to become, we are fully equipping them to be well-rounded individuals who will lead our society forward.


Therefore, our intent at Offham Primary School is to design and deliver a curriculum that enables our pupils to develop key skills for their futures;

  • Learning how to collaborate and work as part of an effective team,

  • Learning to be resilient, understanding the purpose of trial and error and the positive ways in which we can learn from our mistakes,

  • understanding that they will be responsible for finding solutions to the problems and damage caused by past generations,

  • Developing a strong sense of respect for themselves promoting and developing their own well-being and celebrating their individuality

  • Learning to celebrate the diversity and differences in the world around them, being compassionate and considerate of the views and strengths, and needs of others.

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