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Welcome to Green Class! We are the new team that are so excited to lead Green Class this year; Mrs Hurst, Mrs Rose, Miss Johnson and Mr Hutchinson. 


This year will consist of variety of magnificent topics including Ancient Greeks, British Railways and some that we'd like to keep as a surprise!


We look forward to exploring what the children want to know and how they approach certain problems, as we believe that we will learn a thing or two from them (and hopefully vice versa!) Obviously the class go way back to last January with me, but the rest of the team are going to love this class!


Welcome to Term 1.


Term 1,  201-2020



Myths and Legends

Being so excited about our new topic, we couldn't resist using as a big a range of exciting Ancient Greek stories. We will be starting with some Information Texts about the Labours of Heracles/Hercules.


We will be revising and extending our knowledge of place value, addition and subtraction.


Animals, including humans.


Ancient Greece.

Knowing this class, the possibilities are endless! Mrs Rose is particularly excited to teach them about the Olympics and the many Gods and Goddesses.



Green Class will be learning all about Diwali.


Singing for Performance.

We are getting excited about Young Voices and Mrs Hurst will be teaching them the songs every Wednesday in their Music lessons, but I'm pretty sure that we are all keen to have our music slotted into every spare minute we have until January!

I will be sending out letters to give you more information as soon as Young Voices gives it to me.


In Art and DT we are going to be designing and making some masks like the ones used in Ancient Greek Theatre and if we have time we will have a go at some pottery.


We are going to have a go at some coding in computing lessons.


Our PE days are Monday and Wednesday.



Mrs Rose has been practicing her French all summer! She will be starting with numbers and will move on to some useful phrases as you get the hang of it.


PE kits

Please make sure your child has their full PE kit in school at all times. It is important that the children have everything named. Please remember the socks (especially once it gets cold and the girls switch to tights) and to check that trainers or plimsols fit comfortably.

If your child has pierced ears it is extremely important that they do not wear earrings during PE lessons - if this is difficult for your child to do independently please remove them at home.



Our homework will follow the same format as in previous terms. We will give 10 pieces of homework at the start of each term and each week the children should choose what they would like to do from that list. Homework is set on a Friday and due in on Wednesday. We will share it with each other every Thursday morning.



Each Friday, your child will be given weekly spellings. Now that the children are in Key Stage 2, I will no longer be printing these but asking the children to copy them out from the board. Don't worry - they'll be on the website if you are concerned that your child might struggle with accuracy. These will be tested on Friday morning and will include a range of statutory words, maths terminology or useful spelling patterns. 


Times tables

It is very important that children keep practicing their times tables. They should already be confident with 2s, 5s and 10s but we will keep revisiting them. They will also need to learn their 3s, 4s and 8s this year. There are loads of ways to make this sort of learning a bit more fun. you could chant them on the stairs, shout them loudly while maintaining a tennis rally in the garden, whisper them in the supermarket. My Mum used to test me every morning when she did my hair. It doesn't matter how you do it, but please do it regularly to force them into your child's long term memory.


These links are for some online games that are quite popular with our children at Offham.




Thank you for all of your support

Mrs Hurst, Mrs Rose, Miss Johnson and Mr Hutchinson.

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