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Languages Skills Progression

By the end of Year 6, children will have completed levels 1 to 3 of Tout le Monde or equivalent scheme of work. In addition, they should:

  • Have a secure knowledge of numbers 1 to 100;

  • Recognise and be able to recite the alphabet;

  • Understand a range of classroom instructions, eg levez la main, levez-vous, taisez-vous, regardez;

  • Understand that nouns are masculine or feminine, and that adjectives must agree;

  • Understand the different ways of saying ‘the’ and ‘a’;

  • Recognise word order (adjective after noun);

  • Recognise the negative form (ne pas);

  • Be familiar with the 1st and 3rd person singular.


Year 3: Level 1 of Tout le Monde

Suggested extras: numbers 1 to 30, classroom instructions, explain concept of masculine/feminine nouns and introduce le/la, word order.


Year 4: Level 2 of Tout le monde

Suggested extras; numbers 1 to 50, classroom instructions and introduce les/l’, introduce ‘je’.


Year 5: level 3 of Tout le Monde

Suggested extras: numbers 50 to 100, alphabet and introduce negative.


Year 6:

  • Revise key vocabulary from levels 1 to 3;

  • Deepen understanding of grammar and spelling patterns;

  • Speak with increasing accuracy;

  • Practise short conversations;

  • Improve understanding of spoken language (e.g. by

    watching videos);

  • Introduce il/elle;

  • Ensure familiarity with numbers and alphabet.


Level 4 of Tout le Monde available to support these skills if needed.