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COVID Absence Work

Dear parents / carers of Purple Class,


I know that many of us are struggling with COVID symptoms, or family members with COVID symptoms. This means that we are finding it hard to be away from school while waiting for test results (or even test appointments!) and weathering the storm of heavy colds / coughs / sore throats. 


To help, I have listed some links to general classwork that we will be completing over the next few weeks in case of absence. Please bear in mind this is what we will be completing in class and it is in no way expected that all of the work is done at home. The first priority should be your child's health. If they are well enough, please feel free to use the work to guide you at home if you so wish. You are also welcome to choose one of the homework tasks for Topic work.


Kindest regards,

Mr Cook.

28/9 - Use similes ("the Roman was as ferocious as a terrifying tiger", "his sword clashed through the air swift as a soaring eagle") to write a poem about a Roman soldier. See the example for a model.


5/10 - Reading Comprehension activities based on our class text Romans on the Rampage chapters 8 and 9. Look for the key words from the question in the text to help you. Past tense practice - can you turn the verbs from the story into the correct tense so the sentences make sense?


12/10 - Use AFOREST to plan and write a motivational speech in role as Boudicca, to get all your Iceni troops to follow you into battle. Why should they fight with you? Why are you so frustrated and angry with the Romans?

28/9 - Multiplication and division with 10 (moving 1 place value space to the left to x by 10, and to the right to divide by 10), 1, and 0.


5/10 - Using money and recognising coins and notes, adding money, subtracting money to find change.


12/10 - Converting metres to kilometres, finding perimeter on a grid (count the box lines around the outside of the shape), finding perimeter of a rectangle (add all the lengths together - not add two lengths and x by 2), finding perimeter of a rectilinear shape (section off the rectangles you can see to work out the missing side lengths and add up as you work your way round the shape).