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Bug Club reading scheme


Along with promoting our home reading with physical books we are trying to encourage as much reading as possible as a result we would like to introduce you to Bug Club. Bug Club can be accessed via a computer or a tablet and is a wonderful additional way in which children can read ‘traditional’ reading books in a 21st century way!

Each child has their own unique username, which takes them to their own personalised portal page. Their teacher has allocated books to each child according to their reading levels. These books appear in the ‘My Stuff’ area of their personal homepages. Throughout the books, there are quiz questions for children to complete.

When children have finished all the quiz questions in a book, he or she will earn ‘ActiveLearn Coins’. By reading more books, children will earn enough coins to ‘buy’ a reward in one of the many reward schemes. The answers to the quiz questions are sent back to the teacher site so that they can see how the child is progressing. We assign more books for children to read if the virtual book bag is running low. When they have finished a book, it will move to ‘My Library’. Children can read these books again if they want to or they can choose new books from ‘My Stuff’.