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Welcome to Blue Class 2020-2021


Important information:

Unfortunately due to the current situation things are a little different at school at the moment, in regards to this please see the information related to drop off and pick up.

Drop off: 8:30 - 8:40 at the village hall.

Pick up: 3:30 - 3:40 at school. 

Please be as prompt as possible when dropping off and picking up as this will support with the smooth transition of this current situation.


My name is Miss Rosser and I am your child's Year 1 class teacher. I have been working at Offham for the last 3 years and have spent 2 years teaching Rainbow class and then last year moved into Year 1. I absolutely love being a part of the the Offham family and look forward to teaching your children during their second year at school. This year we are extremely fortunate in Year 1 to be joined by Mrs Foord. She will be supporting your children with their learning whilst also training to be a teacher and working collaboratively alongside me.   


I hope that you and your families all had a wonderful summer holiday despite the current situation and that the children are ready to join me back at school and learn together as a class again. I enjoyed spending some brief time with your children before the summer break and look forward to watching their little characters develop during their time in Year 1 with me. 


Mrs John has already informed you of the different arrangements that we have made to protect your children's health at this time, but please contact me by email if you have any questions or concerns. Contact details can be found above.



Term 1

Near and Far

Our topic this term is a Geography based topic and our learning this term will be linked as much as possible to this. This term particularly the children will have access to challenge time inside and outside the classroom. The children will be encouraged to complete a selection of activities related to our overall topic 'Near and Far'. 



Our English this term will be based around a well loved Julia Donaldson tale, 'The Snail and the Whale'. During our English the children will be building on the reading and writing skills they began learning during their time in reception. 



For phonics this term we will be returning to the beginning of phase 3 and will revise all the digraphs and trigraphs previously learnt. We will be encouraging the children to identify these as individual sounds and then also as sounds within words. To support with your child's phonics knowledge they will be receiving a new phonics pack. Please use this to support your child with segmenting and blending or real and pseudo (alien) words. We will add the phase 3 sounds being taught at school to your child's phonics packs. Please can these be returned to school on a Wednesday along with homework books and reading books. 



Our Maths this term will involve lots of practical activities to begin with with photographic evidence to show what the children can do. We will be following the White Rose scheme and will consolidate our knowledge of the value for numbers up to 10. Following this we will move onto learning about addition and subtraction including exploring part whole models and beginning to identify number bonds to 10. 



Our PE lessons in Blue class are on a Wednesday morning with Miss Rosser and Thursday afternoon with Miss Roots. I will be teaching the children PE lessons about Health and Fitness and then Miss Roots will be covering Athletics.

Please make sure your child's PE kit is in school, complete and fully names. Earrings are not allowed to be worn during PE and we are unable to assist the children with removing them. Therefore, please ensure that earrings are not worn on these days.



The children will receive weekly music lessons on a Thursday morning with Mrs Hurst.


All of our other subjects in Year 1 will be taught in blocks during the afternoons.


Week 2 & 3 - Geography - Near and Far

During our Geography lessons we will be focusing on the countries in the UK. We will learn the names of the 4 countries, the capital cities and will find out some interesting facts about the different countries. We will also complete different craft activities related to the 4 countries of the United Kingdom.


Week 4 - Computing

The children will be learning how to log on and shut down a computer and will begin exploring our school computing scheme Purple Mash.


Week 5 - Science - Seasonal change

For our Science learning this term we will be looking at the 'Big idea' - the natural world outside changes at different times in a year. The children will be encouraged to observe changes in the seasons throughout the year and understand about the weather associated with them. The children will also learn about how the day length varies during the seasons.

During this week  our Science lessons will also occur during the morning using the slots usually used for English, this is alongside the afternoon lessons. The aim of this is to promote in depth learning, quality and range in the children's writing as well as the development of the enquiry skills used in Science. 


Week 6 & 7 - DT - Moving pictures

For our DT this term we will be using our Geography topic near and far to create a map of the UK with different moving parts for the 4 countries.


Week 8 - RE - Christianity

During our RE learning this term we will read the creation story from the Bible and will learn about the importance of looking after our world. 


This is a fundamental part of your child's learning in Year 1 and we recommend that you listen to your child read at home as many times as possible. Your child will be sent home with a reading book from school and they will continue to have access to Bug Club at home. Please annotate your chid's reading record with their reading progress. 


Given the current restrictions regarding the sharing of resources (reading books are shared across EYFS and Key stage 1), and the need to limit the number of items travelling between school and home, it is likely that we will only be providing your child with one reading book a week. Your child's reading book needs to be back in school on a Wednesday in order for it to be changed. Once your child returns a book to school it will be quarantined for at least 72 hours before it becomes available to be used again. 

Despite all of this your support with reading is hugely appreciated  and it is likely to influence your child's writing as well as reading progress. In school, we will be awarding house points to children who read on a regular basis whether this is with their school book, a library book or a book on Bug Club.



Children will be given 10 different activities to choose from throughout the term. 

Each week, children must choose one activity to complete for their homework. They are expected to choose a mixture of different subjects (not to complete a Maths task every week). Homework will still be set every Friday and it is to be handed back in on Wednesday.  For those that do not complete homework, a lunchtime club is available on a Tuesday.

It is an expectation that the children complete one of the given homework activities each week ready to share with their peers during our homework gallery.




Each Friday, your child will be sent home with the sounds learnt during phonics that week in their phonics packs. Please use these sounds to practise making and reading a selection of real and pseudo (alien) words. The children will not receive any formal testing of these sounds but will be encouraged to try reading and writing them within different opportunities in class. We will continue to monitor the situation with the spellings and may look into introducing spelling tests in Term 2. Your support in helping your children learn these words is greatly appreciated. Helping your child to use the words in sentences may assist their learning. 



General Reminders:

Please can you make sure that all items of clothing are labelled with your child’s name. This will help us locate items more efficiently if they are misplaced.  To prevent this from happening please ensure that ALL items of clothing are labelled with your child's name.

Please can we have wellies in school as we will be trying to go outside as much as we can this term as part of all our learning. 

P.E will be on a Wednesday and Thursday so please make sure the children have their P.E kits on those days and if your child wears earrings these are removed on these days.