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Year 1 bubble A transition with Mrs Knight

Pizza fractions

Finding half with a pizza
Finding half with a pizza
Finding half with a pizza
Finding half with a pizza
Finding half with a pizza
Finding half with a pizza
Finding half with a pizza
Finding half with a pizza
Finding half with a pizza
Finding half with a pizza
Finding half with a pizza
Finding half with a pizza
Finding half with a pizza
Finding half with a pizza
Finding half with a pizza
Finding half with a pizza
Finding half with a pizza
Finding half with a pizza
Finding half with a pizza
Finding half with a pizza
Finding half with a pizza
Finding half with a pizza
Finding half with a pizza

Term 6 - Home Learning - weekly overview - Week 1

Term 6 - Home Learning - weekly overview - Week 2

Term 6 - Home Learning - weekly overview - Week 3

Term 6 - Home Learning - weekly overview - Week 4

Term 6 - Home Learning - weekly overview - Week 5

Term 6 - Home Learning - weekly overview - Week 6

Term 6 - Home Learning - weekly overview - Week 7

Term 5 - Home Learning - weekly overview - Week 1

Term 5 - Home Learning - weekly overview - Week 2

Term 5 - Home Learning - weekly overview - Week 3

Term 5 - Home Learning - weekly overview - Week 4

Term 5 - Home Learning - weekly overview - Week 5

Contact my teacher:


Miss Rosser:



Welcome to Blue Class!


I'm Miss Rosser and I am the class teacher for Year 1. I am extremely lucky to be joined by Mrs Baker,  she is the creative and passionate Blue Class' teaching assistant. Mrs Baker works Monday to Wednesday. We are also joined by Mrs Curtis a wonderful volunteer to the school on a Monday and Thursday. Together we all love working in Blue class and enjoy learning and having fun together.


Blue class is the best place to be in the school, we have such enjoyable learning experiences and the children are such positive and enthusiastic young learners. 

There is nothing more amazing than seeing the children's personalities grow throughout the year as they develop confidence with their learning. This gives them a sense of pride and achievement which makes us all very proud to work with them. We aspire to capture the children's interests as we go along our learning journey, to ensure that they are always engaged and inspired. We aim to promote a love of learning that they will be able to take with them throughout their school journey.


We are also very lucky to have a lovely classroom where the children have access to a themed book corner and role play area depending on the class topic. Overall we aim to ensure that children receive the best education, academically and emotionally in a safe learning environment where they feel confident and happy to be themselves.

Blue Class Reading Raffle

In Blue class we have introduced a strategy to encourage reading at home. If a child is heard read by an adult (parent, grandparent, childminder etc.) and it is recorded/signed in their reading record at least 4 times a week the child will receive a raffle ticket. This raffle will be drawn on a Friday at random and the winner of the draw will get to select a prize from a lucky dip bag.

Thank you, 

Blue Class Team

Term 4


Wow we are halfway through our year together in Blue Class! Thank you all for your continued hard work and support in Term 3. We have had a great time learning about the Tudors so far, I am excited to inform you all that we will be continuing with this wonderful learning through Term 4 as well. This term begins with a busy but fun filled Science Day on the first day back, but this is then closely followed by our class trip to Hampton Court Palace on Thursday 27th February. We hope you are looking forward to it just as much as us.



We will begin the term continuing with our place value to 50, including finding one more and one less, comparing numbers and amounts and counting in 2s and 5s. After this we will be using our measuring skills to find the length and height of different objects, ensuring we accurately measure from the bottom to the top or from side to side. Following some accurate measuring of height and length we will move onto finish the term with some learning about weight and volume. We will be measuring and comparing different weights and capacities during this topic.



Our English work will be linked to our Tudor topic. We will begin learning about suffix endings and how we can add these to words to change the word meaning. We will be reminding the children of the suffix -ing and then introducing -ed. We will then continue with our Tudor learning and will write a recount of our exciting visit to Hampton Court making sure we remember our punctuation, adjectives and our grammar work on suffixes. We will then learn about the features of instructions and will use this to write some instructions to make our own Tudor medicines. Following this we will be writing some simple list poems about the different things you would find in the Tudor society. We will finish the term by creating some Tudor fact files consolidating all our learning from the last two terms.  


This term we will continue with our Foundation Subjects block teaching across consecutive afternoons, apart from PE and Music. 


History – Week 1

Our History topic for the second half of this topic will include learning about Tudor medicines and how they cured illnesses and diseases. The children will also learn about the features of Tudor houses and will compare this to the houses we live in today. Our history this term will also be enhanced through our visit to Hampton Court Palace at the beginning of the term and then our Tudor day at the end of the term.

Science – Week 2

Our topic for the term is continuing with everyday materials. We will be investigating the materials and will sort and describe them according to their properties. We will then complete some experiments looking at the absorbency of materials and finally discovering what would be the best material to make some curtains from.

DT – Week 3

During our DT this term we will be learning about being healthy and knowing the importance of having a balanced diet. We will learn about the Eatwell plate showing the proportions of different types of food that we should eat. We will then finish our DT by exploring different techniques and skills such as cutting, peeling and grating.

R.E. & P.S.H.E. – Week 4

In R.E our topic for the term is Easter & Palm Sunday. The children will be learning about how important and special Jesus is to Christians and how his welcome and arrival on Palm Sunday shows how important he was. This term in P.S.H.E the children will be learning about different ways to keep safe including crossing the road and cleaning up after ourselves so as to not injure anyone else. They will also learn about being responsible and making the right decisions about different situations.

Computing – Week 5

This term in computing, we will continue to use our new programme Purple Mash. During our computing sessions this term the children will learn about the use of the direction keys and how they can be used to direct and move around the screen. They will also learn what an algorithm is and will use their knowledge of direction to create a simple algorithm in order to move a little creature around the screen.



Miss Drabble will continue to teach the children their music on a Wednesday afternoon. They will play lots of different games using their listening skills and will identify different styles of music. They will also create some of their own compositions and will learn some wonderful Easter songs for our Easter Music Festival on Wednesday 1st April. 


The children will continue having PE sessions on a Monday and Wednesday this term. They will continue with their Dance topic and will also learn about striking and fielding  where the children will be encouraged to work in pairs and teams using their skills.

Please ensure P.E. kits are in school every Monday and Wednesday and that earrings are removed on these days.


Children will be given 10 different activities to choose from throughout the term. 

Each week, children must choose one activity to complete for their homework. They are expected to choose a mixture of different subjects (not to complete a Maths task every week). Homework will still be set every Friday and it is to be handed back in on Wednesday.  For those that do not complete homework, a lunchtime club is available on a Tuesday.

It is an expectation that the children complete one of the given homework activities each week ready to share with their peers during our homework gallery on a Wednesday afternoon.




Each Friday, your child will be given weekly spellings, with tests starting in Week 2. These will include statutory words as well as words from several prescribed spelling patterns. The words will be in children's spelling books and are available above. Your support in helping your children learn these words is greatly appreciated. Helping your child to use the words in sentences may assist their learning.



General Reminders:

Please can you make sure that all items of clothing are labelled with your child’s name. This will help us locate items more efficiently if they are misplaced. Unfortunately we finished term 2 with a box full of unnamed jumpers and cardigans which have now been placed in lost property. To prevent this from happening please ensure that ALL items of clothing are labelled with your child's name.

It is important that your child has their reading book in school every day due to the organisation of our guided reading sessions. 

Please can we have wellies in school as we will be trying to go outside as much as we can this term as part of all our learning. 

P.E will be on a Monday and Wednesday so please make sure the children have their P.E kits on those days and if your child wears earrings these are removed on these days.


Please feel free to come and speak to me on the playground after school if you have any queries. I look forward to another fun filled term in Blue class😊