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Art and Design

Our Curriculum Intent for Art and Design Technology 


At Offham Primary School our Art and DT curriculum intends to inspire creativity, self-expression and encourages our children on their creative journeys as well as giving them opportunities to connect with others. We hope to foster a life long love of Art and DT by exposing them to diverse artists and artistic experiences and igniting a passion for creativity and technology. By experimenting and allowing children to be individual we hope that children will respond to different artistic styles, finding their own creative path as artists and inventors.  We aim to enable them to become confident, reflective artists. 


Teaching and Learning in Art and DT (Implementation)


At Offham our curriculum ensures students design, create, use, inspire and evaluate. This is embedded into daily classroom activities such as Learning Journeys, weekly specific Art and DT lessons with our creative and inspiring teachers, yearly art days, school trips and visits from local artists and designers.


The elements of art and DT are taught in classroom lessons so that children are able to use the language of design to discuss it, and understand how it is made, implemented, appreciated and evaluated. In the classroom students learn how to make various items that support us in everyday life as well as those from history.  In learning to design, make and evaluate our children learn to understand the principles of creativity, how to devise and invent their own technology for the future and basic styles of art. 



Take a Look at Art and Design Technology in Offham

The intended impact of Art and Design Technology teaching and learning at Offham


At Offham we aim that, by the time they leave our school, our children will have a wide understanding which they will be able to use to create original, imaginative, inventive and distinctive designs and projects.


This will be evident through;

  • A technological and artistic understanding underpinned by high levels of perception, strategies, creativity and knowledge of art and DT, including high or rapidly developing levels of technical expertise.
  • Very good awareness and appreciation of different artists and inventors.
  • An excellent understanding of how artistic provenance - the historical, social and cultural origins of design and art - contributes to the diversity of creative styles.
  • The ability to give precise written and verbal explanations, using research and design terminology effectively, accurately and appropriately.
  • A passion for and commitment to a diverse range of artistic and technological activities.