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A fashissssnating visit from 'Petaholics' !


Today in Animal Club we met so many exotic animals including; Pythons, Corn snakes, Stick insects, Tortoises, Geckos and a very cute Tenrec!

I think we can all agree, the Python was all our favourite- measuring at a massive 10ft and he weighed more than 3 Year 1s!

Miss Johnson was offered to hold Mr Python but she kindly declined.

The rest of Animal Club were super brave and held every animal Steve and Becky brought out of their mystery boxes.

Petaholics Visit

A visit from Rupert the Pug


Today was the last animal club before Half Term and we had a very special additional club member...Rupert the Pug!

We had so much fun building an agility course, making dens and playing lots of rounds of fetch. Rupert had to take a break half way through- he had never fetched so many balls in his life!

We learnt about the correct way to handle and approach dogs, and to always make sure we ask the owners if we are able to stroke their dogs, as not all dogs are as friendly as Rupert.

School Chickens