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Welcome to Red Class’s Page,



Red class teachers are Mrs Terry and Mrs Reason. We both love teaching in Red Class because the children are all such keen and enthusiastic learners. We love to take their learning outside and enjoy adventuring and exploring our local environment. Miss Hyam is red class’s teaching assistant.


Mrs Terry’s favourite lessons to teach are Maths and Science because they are all about exploring different possibilities and proving your ideas. Mrs Reason's favourite lesson to teach is PE because she likes watching the children learn to use their new skills in a range of activities. She also enjoys guided reading because she is an avid reader herself and loves enjoying books with children. Miss Hyam's  favourite part of her job is supporting children’s learning and watching them grow in ability, confidence and pride.


Together we enjoy working as a team to support Red Class and having lots of fun together!

Term 2 Letter to Parents


Dear Red Class Parents,

We hope that you have had a lovely half term break and you had a chance to enjoy this beautiful autumn weather. We are all very much looking forward to a busy term of learning, Christmas Nativity rehearsals, singing and dancing.


- Money: the children will learn to identify British money and count in pounds and pence. They will also be making different amounts and solving some problems involving money.

- Multiplication and division: the children will begin by practically learning how to multiply and divide followed by some written methods which will help them when they come on to problem solving and reasoning.



We will begin this term by reading ‘Mr Gumby’s Outing’. From this story we will be; writing a character description, re-telling the story using a story map and actions, story writing, letter writing and start to think about writing in role (as an animal in the story). Following this we will be looking at some different types of poetry and the children will have the opportunity to be creative in writing their own Christmas poem.


Our topic this term is Materials and their properties. The children will be exploring the properties of materials and how solid materials can change shape by twisting, stretching, bending and squashing. They will also be investigating which is the most suitable material for different purposes eg. Road for a car to travel fast on and bath toys that are waterproof and float.

Art and DT

This term in art we will be looking at artists from around Europe. Each week the children will cover a different type of art work from different areas of Europe and collating them together onto a map at the end of the term indicating where they are from.


In History this term we will be continuing to focus on our ‘Near and Far’ topic but now looking into travel and transport. How we can travel to near and far destinations, and the history of these modes of transport, especially the aeroplane.


Miss Roots will be teaching Red Class P.E on Wednesdays where they will be focussing on sending and receiving ball skills.

Mrs Terry will be doing Dance with the children on Tuesdays mainly focusing on dances for the Christmas play.


We will spend this term learning about animation. In this topic the children will learn about what animation is and how to create some animations using different backgrounds.


In R.E. the children will be reflecting on the Christmas story and the reasons for Jesus’ birth aiming to answer the question ‘Why did God give Jesus to the World’?


Mrs Hurst will be teaching music to the children every Wednesday morning. They will be using this time to learn and practice the songs ready for their Christmas nativity.

We are looking forward to a busy and fun term. If you have any queries then please don’t hesitate to come and see us.

Mrs Reason and Mrs Terry