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Red Class

Welcome to Red Class’s Page,


Red class teachers are Mrs Terry and Mrs Reason. We both love teaching in Red Class because the children are all such keen and enthusiastic learners. We love to take their learning outside and enjoy adventuring and exploring our local environment. Miss Bartholomew is red class’s teaching assistant.


Mrs Terry’s favourite lessons to teach are Maths and Science because they are all about exploring different possibilities and proving your ideas. Mrs Reason's favourite lesson to teach is PE because she likes watching the children learn to use their new skills in a range of activities. She also enjoys guided reading because she is an avid reader herself and loves enjoying books with children. Miss Bartholomew’s favourite part of her job is supporting children’s learning and watching them grow in ability, confidence and pride.


Together we enjoy working as a team to support Red Class and having lots of fun together!

Please find this weeks homework here.

Term 6 Letter to Parents


Welcome to term 6! The children all worked really hard on their SATs last term and we are both proud of them all! (results will be published to parents as part of the children's end of term report.) We are hoping to get out and about this term to enjoy learning in the sunshine. The topics for term 6 are:



-Time: telling the time to 5 minute intervals, calculating durations of time and solving time word problems;

-Money: recognising and adding coins, making amounts of money in different ways and solving problems;

-Fractions: recognising and comparing halves, quarters and thirds and finding equivalent fractions of shapes and amounts;

Shape, space and measure: Practically finding out about mass, temperature and capacity.



We will begin this term by retelling African fables. We will then move on to planning and writing our own fables. We will also be looking at different types of letters and learning the key elements to include in different letters. Following our trip to Wingham Wildlife Park on 9th July, we will be writing factual recounts about our day.



Our topic this term is plants. Red class will be observing and describing how seeds and bulbs grow into mature plants. They will also be finding out what different plants need to grow and to stay healthy.


Art and DT

This term in art and DT we will be looking at art from African artists and improving our technique using pastels and charcoal. We will also be designing and creating an African necklace using clay and paint.



This term we will be finding out about the countries in Africa and making comparisons between Kenya and England. We will also study animals and plants in Africa, ending the unit with children identifying where they would rather live and why. This will build on our work on habitats, comparing the habitats of African animals with the habitats of animals in the UK.



Mrs Thomas will continue to teach Red Class P.E on Mondays where they will be playing striking and fielding games. Mrs Reason will teach the other P.E session where the children will be learning about health and fitness. Please ensure that full P.E kits are in school on Monday and Thursday.



We will spend this term learning how to effectively use the internet to research. We will also find out how to present our research using powerpoint.



Mrs John will be teaching music to the children every Monday afternoon. The children will be learning to play the ocarina, a tuned instrument played by covering different holes with your fingers.



In R.E. the children will be learning about how Muslims worship and will be comparing the mosque to Christian churches.


If you have any queries, then please don’t hesitate to come and see us.

Mrs Reason and Mrs Terry