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Next week we am very excited to announce that Rainbow Class will be going on their first school trip. We are extremely lucky to be going on an adventure to Mr Betts farm. Whilst at the farm we will be learning all about Harvest and will also be exploring the farm environment. We might even be lucky enough to go on a tractor ride.

This exciting adventure is happening on Wednesday 10th October. Please can you ensure your child has appropriate footwear for this outing.


We are also looking for some very kind parent helpers to come with us and enjoy this exciting opportunity. Please could you let Miss Rosser or Miss Bartholomew know if you are available to help with this. We will need your help from approximately 9:05 - 11:00. We would appreciate any help that you can offer for our trip to the farm.

Welcome to Rainbow Class' class page


I'm Miss Rosser, the class teacher in Rainbow Class.

I am lucky this year to have two wonderful teaching assistants Miss Bartholomew and Mrs Rodriguez. We all love teaching in Rainbow class and joining the children with their learning journey throughout the first year of their school career. I love seeing the pride the children have in their own achievements and the magical imaginations they enjoy sharing with us on a daily basis. We relish providing the children with exciting learning opportunities that capture their interests and promote a love of learning. I love the opportunities within Reception to observe the children developing their own skills and knowledge through interacting with different resources whilst also watching them apply their understanding in a selection of ways. I love teaching Maths in Reception because there are so many exciting things that can be done with mathematical learning and it is wonderful watching the magical moments when children understand new concepts introduced to them.

Miss Bartholomew is excited to join the children with their learning and is looking forward to supporting them with all their developments.

Mrs Rodriguez loves being creative in Rainbow class and particularly enjoys the unique models and paintings the children create. We make a great team sharing ideas and working with the children to encourage independence whilst helping them to achieve their maximum potential in a supportive environment.



Welcome to Rainbow Class


I hope you have had a lovely summer and that you are enthusiastically looking forward to the beginning of your child’s school adventures! Thank you very much for making us feel welcome during our home visits at the beginning of term. It was wonderful to meet you all and feel that the visits have been a great success. The children are settling in very well and are adjusting to the changing routines and structure of ‘big school’! It has been delightful watching the children explore the classroom, and share information about themselves whilst also developing new friends within their first week.


Our class page will be updated on a termly basis informing you of all the fantastic learning happening at school. This term our topic is ‘Our Journey Begins Here’. For this topic of learning we will begin by joining in with Nursery Rhymes and will move on to discover all about ourselves. We will be reading stories such as; ‘Funnybones’ and ‘My Mum and Dad make me Laugh’. We are also going to be sharing a selection of non-fiction books to find out about our different body parts and the importance of them. This is a lovely topic and will link in nicely to all of the fantastic ‘Chatterboxes’ the children have made. We will also be learning about the season Autumn and Harvest and will join the rest of Key Stage 1 to celebrate Harvest in Offham church on Friday 5th October.


Adults in the classroom: Miss Rosser – Class Teacher, Miss Bartholomew –Teaching Assistant Full Time, Mrs Rodriguez –Teaching Assistant Part Time (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday)

Mrs Curtis – Volunteer (Thursdays)


Year 6 buddies: Each child will have a Year 6 buddy this term who will look after your child during lunchtimes, ensuring they are happy at the lunch table and eating their food. They will then take your child out to the playground for lunchtime play and make sure they are playing with other children. This has been very successful in the past and the Year 6 children thoroughly enjoy taking on this responsibility!


Reading Book and Yellow Reading Record: The children will be receiving 2 reading books and yellow reading record; the yellow reading record book is for you to record how your child is doing at home. With the reading book share it with your child and encourage them to talk about what is happening? What they can see? Who the characters are? Then the following night they may like to use the book to draw the characters or parts of the story, some may act out the story with props or tell the story to a sibling or relative.

They will also be taking part in guided reading sessions on a weekly basis, during which time we will provide your child with 2 new reading books. When we feel your child can move onto books with words in, encourage them to sound each letter out and then blend the letters together. Again, please do not rush through the books, allow a night where they can be creative and imaginative with the story! We want children to love reading so if your child does not want to read one night, read the book to them instead or share the reading together.


All About Me/Homework Books: The children will be bringing home an A4 red book with their own unique cover on it. This book is an opportunity for the children to share with us some of the different things they get up to at home. It will also be used as our Homework books. Any written activities the children are encouraged to do for their homework please can these be done as neatly as possible in these books. If the children would like to share with us some of the activities they have got up to at home, please can you encourage the children to complete the task themselves with some adult annotations if needed.


Phonics: We follow the ‘Letters and Sounds’ programme and will begin our phonics learning in phase 2. We will be focusing on approximately 4 letter sounds a week, these of which will be sent home to you within the phonics homework packs. At this stage, we teach the letter sound rather than the name, so please encourage your child to follow this when reading their books. Try and play as many different games with your child such as ‘I-spy’, ‘letter hunt – in your books/around at home’, ‘quick write – who can write the letter the quickest but neatest’. Some great websites with games to play are ‘Phonics Play’ and ‘Letters and Sounds’.


P.E.: The children will be developing their skills in ‘travelling in a range of ways’ this term. P.E. will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday. Please ensure your child has their named P.E. kit in school, it will be sent home again at the end of the term for washing!


Show and Tell: The children have had a wonderful start to their ‘show and tell’ by sharing their chatterboxes with each other. This opportunity will not continue after Christmas due to our timetabled activities. It is an exciting opportunity for the children to bring exciting things in from home and show it to the rest of the class or tell the children about a special occasion or an achievement. We do ‘show and tell’ as part of the children’s learning and development as it helps with their speaking and listening skills. Your child doesn’t have to bring something in every week but if they would like to they will be invited to ‘show and tell’ once a week.


Snacks: Children are provided with a variety of fruit and/or vegetables each day for our mid-morning break. Milk is also provided daily up until the week they turn 5 – after which you have the opportunity to pay for it.


Phonics Evening: During our phonics evening we will be introducing and sending out the sound packets that we will be coming home on a weekly basis. We will also discuss with you the different ways we teach your child phonics and the terminology around all of this. If you are unable to make the meeting then please let us know and we will provide the sound packet for your child and will discuss how to use it with you. The sound packets will be given out after the meeting for any unable to attend. We look forward to seeing you there.


Please feel free to talk to us whenever you have a query, however big or small! The end of the day is the best time to pop into the classroom for a chat.


We are so excited to be teaching your child and look forward to a fun filled and successful year ahead.

Kind regards


Miss Rosser, Miss Bartholomew & Mrs Rodriguez J 



Diary Dates:

Phonics evening – 7:00 -8:00 Monday 24th September


Stay and Play – Monday 1st October – 9:00-10:00

Thursday 11th October 9:00 – 10:00


Harvest Festival - Friday 5th October