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Welcome to Rainbow Class' class page


I'm Miss Rosser, the class teacher in Rainbow Class.

I am lucky this year to have two wonderful teaching assistants Miss Bartholomew and Mrs Rodriguez. We all love teaching in Rainbow class and joining the children with their learning journey throughout the first year of their school career. I love seeing the pride the children have in their own achievements and the magical imaginations they enjoy sharing with us on a daily basis. We relish providing the children with exciting learning opportunities that capture their interests and promote a love of learning. I love the opportunities within Reception to observe the children developing their own skills and knowledge through interacting with different resources whilst also watching them apply their understanding in a selection of ways. I love teaching Maths in Reception because there are so many exciting things that can be done with mathematical learning and it is wonderful watching the magical moments when children understand new concepts introduced to them.

Miss Bartholomew is excited to join the children with their learning and is looking forward to supporting them with all their developments.

Mrs Rodriguez loves being creative in Rainbow class and particularly enjoys the unique models and paintings the children create. We make a great team sharing ideas and working with the children to encourage independence whilst helping them to achieve their maximum potential in a supportive environment.



Term 3 2018-19


 A Happy New Year to everyone! We hope you all had a fantastic Christmas. The Rainbow team would like to send a HUGE thank you to you all for our wonderful presents. It was very generous and kind of you, we are all extremely grateful.


This term we will be building on the skills that we already know in all areas of our learning. This letter will inform you what we will be learning this term.


This term our topic is: 

‘Frozen Worlds’


We will be learning about the North and South Pole, and the extremes conditions within these two environments. Within this we will find out about the animals that live there and how they survive in the freezing temperatures. During the topic we will discover the effects of the cold temperatures including ice and the changes around this.


Winter weather

As the weather becomes colder, I am sure more hats, scarves and gloves will be brought into school! Please make sure all these items are clearly named.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We will be covering all the areas of PSED through everyday activities and interaction with each other and a weekly circle time. We will support your child to gain a sense of belonging to the class and school and to have a pride in everything they do. Please encourage your child to be as independent as possible with things, we are promoting independent learners within the classroom and would greatly appreciate if this is continued at home.


Communication and Language

The children will be learning how to sequence a story. Developing their listening skills and understanding how to respond appropriately. We will also be developing the vocabulary and language skills the children currently have. We will be learning the importance of questions and learning how to ask or answer the different types of questions with confidence.


Physical Development

The children will be continuing with their PE sessions twice a week this term, these will be Tuesday and Wednesday. We will be looking for independence in changing for PE – please practice this at home! Please remember earrings need to be removed on these days. They will be learning Gymnastics this term, this will include learning about holding positions on different body parts showing control and stillness, creating big and small body shapes with control, using some apparatus where the children will explore stretching and curling and combining travelling with moments of stillness. They will also continue developing control and co-ordination using tools, construction and malleable materials (scissors, paint, brushes, dough, crayons).


We will be further developing and improving our fine motor skills (weaving, threading, cutting) Using small and large equipment (balls, hoppers, wheeled vehicles) improving independence when changing for PE, managing personal hygiene through regular handwashing and keeping healthy.


Literacy-Reading and Writing

To develop our understanding of Frozen Worlds this term we will be focusing on a couple of texts; ‘The Emperors Egg’ to help us learn about the lifecycle of one of the world’s most amazing animals the penguin. We will also read ‘Lost and Found’ to look at journeys to these far-off places and developing friendships with new people. Alongside these books we will also read and enjoy an array of other Wintery stories and non-fiction texts. The children will be encouraged to develop a love of reading through these stories. They will be provided with a range of writing opportunities this term including, creating their own penguin life cycles, fact writing to create polar animal fact files, writing labels to identify the different features of some of the polar animals, packing and labelling suitcases. We will be encouraging the children this term to use their knowledge of sounds and tricky words to begin trying to write sentences with support and sometimes independently. When writing at home please encourage your child to listen to the sounds in words independently instead of copying words or sentences written by yourselves, this is how we encourage the children to write in class.



We will be consolidating lots of our previous learning, addition and subtraction. We will be continuing to count forwards and backwards to 20 and beginning to develop a firm understanding and recognition of our tricky teen numbers. We will also be developing our formation of numbers and will practise writing these correctly and in order, this will include single digits and will then progress onto two-digit numbers and ensuring the correct order of the numbers when writing our teen numbers.


Furthermore, we will continue with our mathematical learning this term by investigating measurements, including height and length. We will be using the language related to these areas of learning and will also be using comparative language to order objects and compare them to one another.


Understanding the World

We will be investigating ice (and hopefully snow!), melting and freezing; finding out about animals in winter-how they keep warm/hibernation. Discovering the North and South Pole, Arctic animals, Eskimos. Whilst also looking at weather, seasons and appropriate clothing for these rather chilly climates.


Expressive Arts and Design

We will be getting creative by making snowflakes, penguins and arctic animal masks. We will also look at using different media to create some arctic scenes as part of the Arts week this term. Alongside this we will be comparing different colours thinking about how they make us feel, such as cold colours – blue, white and hot colours – orange and red. We will use paints, crayons, chalk and other resources to complement our different creations.


Outdoor Learning

The children will be enjoying regular trips to the woods this term where they will explore the woodland environment and will also complete a range of activities linked to our different learning. Please can you ensure that on a Wednesday the children have their school uniform in a bag to change into when they return to school. The children will be allowed to wear their own clothes to the woods, this is to ensure the children stay warm and dry during our excursions but they do need to have uniform to change into. Please can you also make sure the children have sensible footwear for walking in a muddy woodland environment.

Please can you let us know if you are able to help during these weekly trips to the woods.


School-Home Links

We love to celebrate your children and their achievements in every area of learning. It is important for us to know how your child is developing at home as well as school. Your voice is valuable in our assessment process. This can be done through the ‘All about me’ books.

We will continue to send home these books every Friday and would appreciate them back in by Thursday at the latest each week. These are used for you to tell us what your child has experienced at home. This may include any achievements, clubs they have been to, places they have visited, etc-anything that your child wants to celebrate and share with us. This could be recorded through writing, pictures, photos, etc. Please talk with your child about what is being put into the journal and encourage your child to draw/write on the page as well. Completing the books regularly will help us to continue to build up a picture of your child and this will enable us to further their learning.

Please also continue using the ‘All About Me’ books to record their homework into.



We will continue with our library visits every Thursday, when your child will bring home a library book of their choice. We do not help them choose, as we like them to make their own decisions, so the chances are they will bring books home that they cannot read yet! Please share the books with them and enjoy the pictures.



Reading books will continue to be changed on the day that your child is read with in class. However, please remember to keep reading books and records in book bags every day as we regularly change things around in class.

Please don’t forget to use our fantastic school resource – BUG CLUB. All the children have been allocated books and can easily access these through their individual virtual worlds. To log on to your child's virtual world you will need to go to: From here you can log in using the following details:

Username: the first 4 letters of your first name and the first 4 letters of your surname

Password: Offhampupil123

School code: xjjh

We look forward to seeing who has accessed their own account and read some of the wonderful books they have been allocated. Don’t forget rewards can be earnt on BUG CLUB by reading the books and then answering questions about the text.


Extra information!

Make sure your child’s reading book and record is in their book bag every day, even if their book does not need to be changed * If your child is wearing tights this term, please bring in white ankle socks for their PE bags * Ensure ALL clothing is clearly labelled, this includes any Winter accessories, such as hat, gloves, scarfs. *If your child wears earrings please can they be removed for our PE sessions.  



Kind regards

Miss Rosser, Miss Bartholomew & Mrs Rodriguez J


Special dates this term:


Stay and play: Tuesday 22nd January - 9:00 - 9:50


Stay and play: Thursday 31st January - 2:00 - 2:50


End of topic celebration: Tuesday 12th February - 2:00 - 3:10


NSPCC cake sale: Friday 25th January



Outdoor learning - trips to the woods

Wednesday - 16th January 9:15 - 11:00

Wednesday - 23rd January 9:15 - 11:00

Wednesday - 30th January 9:15 - 11:00

Wednesday - 6th February 9:15 - 11:00

Wednesday - 13th February 9:15 - 11:00