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Welcome to Rainbow Class' class page. I'm Miss Rosser, the class teacher in Rainbow Class. I am lucky to be supported in class by the lovely Mrs Rodriguez. We both absolutely love teaching in Rainbow class and joining the children with their learning journey throughout the first year of their school career. I love seeing the pride the children have in their own achievements and the magical imaginations they enjoy sharing with us on a daily basis. We relish providing the children with exciting learning opportunities that capture their interests and promote a love of learning. I love the opportunities within Reception to observe the children developing their own skills and knowledge through interacting with different resources whilst also watching them apply their understanding in a selection of ways. I love teaching Maths in Reception because there are so many exciting things that can be done with mathematical learning and it is wonderful watching the magical moments when children understand new concepts introduced to them. Mrs Rodriguez loves being creative in Rainbow class and particularly enjoys the unique models and paintings the children create. Together we make a great team sharing ideas and working with the children to encourage independence whilst helping them to achieve their maximum potential in a supportive environment.


Term 6 2017-18


Welcome back after the half term break. We hope you all had a wonderful time and are now ready for the final few weeks of your child’s first year at school.


We have an extremely busy and fun filled half term with lots of exciting things including their first ‘special assembly’. The children will also be meeting their new class teacher at different points during this term.   

The children’s learning this term will be based around the topic ‘All Creatures Great and Small’. 

During our learning this term the children will be looking at and learning about a variety of animals, to begin with this will focus on some of the smallest animals we have ‘minibeasts’ and will then move towards learning about some of the larger animals that inhabit the Earth with us. We will be learning about the lifecycle of different animals and will be using our observational and investigational skills to predict and monitor things at different points during the term. We know the children are rather excited about our learning this term and I’m sure will enjoy all the opportunities provided to them.


Polite note:

In the mornings please could you stand away from the wall and in front of the children with the other parents. We have only got this term left in Rainbow class now and we are trying to promote independence within the children.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We will be covering all the areas of PSED through everyday activities and interaction with each other and a weekly circle time. We will continue working on being kind to each other and always listening carefully and respectfully to the ideas of others. We will also be preparing the children for the changes that happen at this time of year.  We will be having regular discussions about meeting their new teacher and they will also have a selection of opportunities to buddy up with a Year 1 child and develop an understanding about some of the changes they will experience in Year 1.


Physical Development

The children will be continuing with their PE sessions twice a week this term, these will be Tuesday and Thursday and will be outside, so please provide appropriate attire, including a named sun hat. We will be looking for independence in changing for PE – please practice this at home! They will be learning a range of skills around the topic athletics, this will include activities that promote working as a team whilst also providing them with skills to complete a range of different activities.  

We will particularly be focusing on improving our handwriting to ensure we always have neat and legible writing. The children will also be participating in discussions about different ways we can stay healthy, through completing regular exercise, eating a range of different foods ensuring more of some foods than others.


Literacy-Reading and Writing/ Communication & Language

This term we will be continuing with our guided reading carousel of activities. These will continue to include activities organised to promote independence whilst developing skills the children already have.  The children will be reading with an adult twice a week, one group will participate in a guided (group) reading session and another group each child will be read with individually using their own books. For this to be beneficial for the children please can you ensure their reading books and reading record are in their bags every day.  To continue developing our writing skills this term, we will be encouraging the children to have a careful focus on their neat handwriting but we will also be continuing to write for different purposes. After our successful story writing last term for ‘Whatever Next’ we will be encouraging the children to attempt writing their own stories. We will also be looking for the children to show their abilities to write a selection of things such as; instructions, letters, recount of our class trip.

Focus Texts – The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Bad-Tempered Ladybird, Mad about Minibeasts, Mad about Megabeasts, Giraffes can’t dance, Rumble in the Jungle, Lazy Lion, Handa’s Surprise.



Within our Maths learning this term we will be consolidating a lot of our previous learning including addition and subtraction. Whilst consolidating this we will encourage the children to use the previous skills taught such as holding a number in their head and counting on to find the answer. With their counting we will be ensuring the children are confident counting forwards and backwards to 20 and will introduce counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. We will be practising our number formation ensuring the correct orientation and order of the numbers. We will consolidate our shape recognition for both 2D and 3D shapes. We will be developing our understanding of halving and sharing and will be learning about this in a very practical manner. We will also be revising our learning about time and money whilst also introducing the language related to position and direction, you could help your child with this by ensuring they are aware of their left and right.


Understanding the World

We will be learning about animals of all sizes and will look at the life cycle of them, this will begin with learning about the lifecycle of a caterpillar but will then observe the changes in larger mammals and compare ourselves to these.

We will also continue to look at similarities and differences between ourselves and other families, communities and traditions. 


Expressive Arts and Design

We will be encouraging the children to be as creative as possible during this topic including using a variety of materials in different ways when completing an activity. The children will be encouraged to make model animals and explain how they create them. We will be providing the children with a selection of resources to aid them with their activities. We would like to see detail in the creations the children make as opposed to simple designs. The children will be encouraged to explore the sound of different musical instruments. We will also be listening to a range of different sounds and promoting different animal movements or dances to this.


School-Home Links

We love to celebrate your children and their achievements in every area of learning. It is important for us to know how your child is developing at home as well as school. Your voice is valuable in our assessment process. However, please do not forget that we are looking for the children to have ownership over their ‘All About Me’ books and that the evidence shown is examples of things they can do, such as sentence writing, different shapes they have found and skills they have been practising – handwriting, number formation. The children are always keen to share their work with us so please let them do it, don’t forget we are trying to promote independence and pride in their own achievements.



We will continue with our library visits every Wednesday, when your child will bring home a library book of their choice. We do not help them choose, as we like them to make their own decisions, so the chances are they will bring books home that they may not necessarily be able to read them independently. Please share the books with them and enjoy the pictures but remember to send it back in the following week to be changed.



Please remember to ensure that your child has their reading book in their bag daily and if they have read that you have recorded this. We often change the days when we hear your child read and to support us with this having the books in daily is extremely helpful.


Please don’t forget to use our fantastic school resource – BUG CLUB. All the children have been allocated books and can easily access these through their individual virtual worlds. To log on to your child's virtual world you will need to go to: From here you can log in using the following details:

Username: the first 4 letters of your first name and the first 4 letters of your surname

Password: Offhampupil123

School code: xjjh

We look forward to seeing who has accessed their own account and read some of the wonderful books they have been allocated. Don’t forget rewards can be earnt on BUG CLUB by reading the books and then answering questions about the text.


This term I am going to be continuing with the BUG CLUB competition that I started last term. I was pleased to see there were a few children using the wonderful resource but was also extremely disappointed to see it was the same children every time. Bug Club is a fantastic resource for the children that enables them to interact with a book whilst also developing their comprehension skills. So this time I will be checking the class usage amount on a regular basis and will reward those using it regularly.


Extra information!

Please make sure  * Your child has a named water bottle in school.      *As the weather is getting warmer your child has a named sunhat to wear at play time and during our PE lessons.           * Ensure ALL clothing is clearly labelled, especially PE kits.    *If your child wears earrings please can they either be removed in the morning or tape sent in to cover them over during our PE sessions.


Last term we had a wonderful trip to the woods, where the children enjoyed building dens, climbing trees, using magnifying glasses to find different creatures within the environment and then creating some feelings faces with clay. We would love to continue with this during Term 6, however we need at least 4 parent helpers to be allowed to do this. Please could you let either of us know if you would be available to help with this. It would be extremely useful if we could have a list of parents/carers that would be able to help with these trips. At this time we are unable to state the days that we will be going therefore a list of parents/carers that could be flexible would be extremely helpful.




Please can you continue reading with your child on a regular basis and also practise reading and spelling your child's high frequency words which can be found in their individual books.


All About Me books


Please can you now encourage your child to independently do some work in their books. Even if this is just a simple sentence explaining about something they did at the weekend. We are also now looking for the children to try writing their own stories, feel free to put anything like this in the books. 

Half Term homework