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An Introduction


Welcome to the Purple Class page! I'm Mr Lawrence, Offham's Year 4 teacher - a West Ham and Tampa Bay Buccaneers fanatic and owner of the three(and a half)-legged dog, Nemo. Purple Class may recognise me (I should hope so as I taught them most of last year!) and I really enjoy being the teacher for such a bright and vibrant class. I work with Ms Bartlett (the school's local chicken expert) and - our brand new Teaching Assistant - Miss Graham.


Learning in Year 4 is fantastic! We are lucky enough to study some great Topic lessons this year starting with United Kingdom before moving on to others like Romans and Vikings as the year progresses.

Term 1


Welcome back everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Summer. Term 1 promises to be a fantastic first term back at Offham! I hope the children are as raring to go this year as I am.


Topic: The United Kingdom  



Purple Class will be focusing on two main texts this term. Firstly, we will be looking at 'Belonging' by Jeannie Baker. This story promotes the reintroduction of plants in urban areas and looks at the topic of land use (which links with some of our Geography this term). We will be creating some poetry from the book and also writing some detailed setting descriptions. Purple Class will also be reading 'Town Mouse & Country Mouse' this term. Once again, this links nicely with our over-arching topic. We will use this story to create letters from one mouse to the other, as well as writing some excellent versions of the story using Pi Corbett's 'Talk for Writing' technique



  • Roman Numerals
  • Number: Place Value
  • The Four Operations 
  • Length & Perimeter



The topic for this term will be 'States of Matter'. We will be working towards the enquiry question of 'What affects the rate at which ice cubes melt?' In order to answer this, we will first be comparing and grouping materials into solids, liquids and gases; we will observe how some materials change states when heated or cooled; and we will be identifying the part that evaporation and condensation play in the water cycle and make the link between these and temperature.



Our Geography this term will focus on the United Kingdom. We will be identifying countries and counties in the UK; learning to recognise different geographical and human-made landmarks/features; and looking into land use and how this changed over time.



This term in Computing, we will be using Google Earth as a research tool. We will be print screening, cropping and presenting image with the view to creating a brochure about an area in the UK at the end of the topic.


Art / D.T

Art this term will draw on the work of Thomas Kinkade. We will research his life and work and create landscape sketches of parts of the UK in the style of Kinkade.



Purple Class will be doing Netball on a Tuesday as well as Tag Rugby each Wednesday with Miss Roots. Please make sure that your child has their full PE kit in school at all times. At the very least, they should have a t-shirt, shorts and plimsolls in school. 



We will learning about Judaism this term with a particular focus on how special of a relationship Jews have with God. 


French and Music will continue as usual. In Music, the children will be learning to play the ukulele with Mrs Hurst.



Each Friday, your child will be given weekly spellings. These will be tested on Friday morning and will include statutory words (that may include a maths term) and other words from a spelling pattern.


Times tables

We will now be doing times table challenges every Tuesday. The children have to answer 30 times tables questions on the table they are practising in three minutes. The children must answer ALL correctly in the time limit to move on to the next table. Times tables are extremely important in their numeracy and are linked to lots of topics in the curriculum e.g. division, fractions. Please encourage your child to practise the times table they are being tested on at home.



Homework will be structured slightly differently this year. The children will be given given 10 different topic-related homework activities to choose from - some English, some Maths and some more crafty ideas too. Each week, children must choose one activity to complete for their homework and they are expected to choose a mixture of different subjects (not to complete a Maths task every week). Homework will still be set every Friday and it is still expected to be handed back in on Wednesday.


Thanks for your support,


Mr Lawrence and Ms Bartlett and Miss Graham.