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An Introduction


Welcome to our class page! I'm Mr Durrant, Offham's Year 4 teacher - an Everton supporter with an enthusiasm for sports, photography and classical literature. I work with Mrs Keast, our wonderful teaching assistant, who has travelled the world and loves the occasional visit to the English coast.


Learning in Year 4 is fantastic! We are lucky enough to study some inspirational books; such as Narnia, Alice in Wonderland and Ottoline. Our termly topics are also a great deal of fun; becoming Roman soldiers and emperors has been particularly exciting as we move into Summer. 


I am passionate about reading and writing, and our class are always coming up with creative ways to get into character, investigate setting and perform dramatic (or hilarious!) scenes from books, plays and films. We often use music (I'm a fan of blues and jazz!) to compliment our learning in a variety of ways. The class know that as long as they are trying their best and working as hard as they can, I will always be proud of them.


Here at Offham, imagination and creativity are just as important as our other school values, and these are at the forefront of each subject we teach. Purple class tend to get outside and visit the woods as much as we can in order to enhance our learning; this year, we've measured angles using tree branches, collected materials to tell stories, and used the beautiful school grounds to imitate pastoral artists. We always have our wellies at the ready, just in case an exciting opportunity arises!


Mrs Keast enjoys being outside just as much as I do, and is brilliant at helping the children achieve their potential in a variety of ways, such as supporting them in taking photos using the iPads, drawing diagrams on the playground with chalk, or simply having an open-ended conversation, allowing them to express their ideas in a safe and positive environment.

Term 6


Welcome back everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful half term. We’re on the final stretch now, and the next few weeks promise to be full of sunshine, sports and hard work.


English: All Around the World  


Purple Class will be focusing on texts from other cultures by drawing on traditional tales. We will be studying newspaper and magazine articles, creating presentations which explore diversity and writing our very own travel guides. We will also begin to consider the qualities of a good settlement, and will be researching, designing and building our very own bases in the woods!




  • Geometry: Position and Direction
  • The Four Operations
  • Time
  • Geometry: Properties of Shape




The topic for this term will be ‘All Living Things’! We’ll be taking a trip through Offham and (hopefully) to some local wildlife habitats in order to collect / classify insects, research adaptation and investigate diversity within the environment – not to mention the dangers us humans pose!




This term, our Geography goes hand in hand with Science and English! In addition to researching other countries and exploring the local habitats, the children will be taught essential map and atlas skills involving longitude, latitude and the Prime Meridian! We’ll be exploring the tropics, too…




We’ll be running through internet safety this term through roleplay, investigating the reliability of journalism (including blogging) and by creating our own set of ‘online rules’.


Art / D.T


Art this term will draw on artists and photographers from North America. From the stunning landscape photography of Ansel Adams, to the whacky and abstract body prints created by Helen Frankenthaler, we’ll be putting a range of artistic skills to work.




Purple class will be working on their health and fitness this term - you'll see me puffing and panting on the sidelines as I try to keep up. 




We will return to Christianity during our final term.


French and Music will continue as usual.


Thanks for your continued support,


Mr Durrant and Mrs Keast



A Roman Adventure!