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An Introduction


Welcome to our class page! I'm Mr Durrant, Offham's Year 4 teacher. I work with Mrs Keast, our wonderful teaching assistant.


Learning in Year 4 is fantastic! We are lucky enough to study some inspirational books; such as Narnia, Alice in Wonderland and Ottoline. Our termly topics are also a great deal of fun; becoming Roman soldiers and emperors has been particularly exciting this term. 


I am passionate about reading and writing, and our class are always coming up with creative ways to get into character, investigate setting and perform dramatic (or hilarious!) scenes from books, plays and films.


Here at Offham, imagination and creativity are just as important as our other school values, and these are at the forefront of each subject we teach. Purple class tend to get outside and visit the woods as much as we can in order to enhance our learning; this year, we've measured angles using tree branches, collected materials to tell stories, and used the beautiful school grounds to imitate pastoral artists. We always have our wellies at the ready, just in case an exciting opportunity arises!


Mrs Keast enjoys being outside just as much as I do, and is brilliant at helping the children achieve their potential in a variety of ways, such as taking photos using the iPads, drawing diagrams on the playground with chalk, or simply having an open-ended conversation.

Term 5


Welcome back everyone! I hope you all had a relaxing Easter break. We’ve just had a very productive term, but there’s more to explore… And the sun is shining!


English: Roman Myths and Legends


* We will be studying Roman Short Stories and The Thieves of Ostia. We will now be focusing heavily on writing narratives to give the children chance to explore character development. We’ll be anticipating epic gladiatorial battles, watching Vesuvius erupt and Pompeii crumble, exploring the dusty market places of Rome and rewriting our favourite legends.




This term, we will cover:


  • Decimals
  • Measurement (Money)
  • Time
  • Statistics




The topic for this term will be animals, including humans! We’ll be taking a trip through each part of the digestive system; munching on bread, inspecting the health of our mouths and exploring tooth decay! Disgusting stuff… I’ve no doubt the class will rise to the challenge.


Geography / History / ICT


This term, we’ll be investigating life in Rome! Firstly, we’ll need to learn about invasions and the Roman Empire. From there, we’ll be exploring the road revolution, Boudicca’s rebellion, Hadrian’s Wall and writing fact files about Gods and Goddesses. If I can get hold of a lion, we’ll re-enact some fierce coliseum combat.      




We will continue to work on our team building and friendship skills. Our catchphrase at the moment is ‘compromise’ – something we are putting into practise and celebrating examples of in the classroom.


Art / D.T


The children will be refining their pottery skills! Our art, up until this point, has been thoroughly two-dimensional. We’ll be creating 3-D sculptures (such as Roman pots) and using natural materials to create artwork in the style of Andy Goldsworthy.




Purple class will be working on their health and fitness through circuit training! Jogging, star jumps, crunches – you name it! Will we find the next Joe Wicks? Watch this space…




We will continue to explore Judaism, and centre our discussion around the question: ‘What is the best way for a Jew to show commitment to God?’




Mme Price dirigera ces leçons. Veuillez demander aux enfants de partager à la maison. 
Google translator assures me this says: Mrs Price will lead these lessons. Please ask the children to share at home!




Mr Nuel from Kent Music will continue to teach the class the ukulele.


Thank you for your continuing support,


Mr Durrant and Mrs Keast


A Roman Adventure!