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Welcome to Green Class! I am Mr Magson and am proud to announce I will be teaching Green Class this year. I am a big fan of Music, reading and films. The teaching assistants of Green Class will be Mrs Nerdrum and Mrs Heeley this year, who I am really looking forward to working with!


This year will consist of variety of magnificent topics including Romans, Vikings and leisure and entertainment as well as many more.


I look forward to exploring what the children want to know and how they approach certain problems, as I believe I will learn a thing or two from them (and vice versa!)


Welcome to our third term!


Term 3,  2018-2019



Gorilla by Anthony Browne

Hannah spends all of her time reading gorilla books, watching gorilla TV shows, and drawing gorilla pictures. She has gorillas on her bedside lamp and even on her box of cereal. Hannah loves gorillas and longs to see a real one, but her father is always too busy - or too tired - to take her to the zoo. Then, on the night before her birthday, something extraordinary happens - and Hannah's wish comes gloriously true.


Multiplying and dividing.




Plants and pollination.


Linking to our topic!

We are looking at 20th century leisure and entertainment.


Could Jesus really heal people?


Recorders with Mrs Hurst


 Food tech 

20th century leisure and entertainment.


Dance & Hockey


Continuing French with Mrs Price


PE kits

Please make sure your child has their full PE kit in school at all times. At the very least they should have T-shirts, shorts and plimsolls in school. This term children will be participating in hockey and dance.



This year children's homework will be set for the entire term. Each week children will choose ONE piece of homework out of a possible 10. Children will only need to complete 6 pieces in total this term.  Homework consists of Maths, English and other subject or topic related work.



Each Friday, your child will be given weekly spellings. These will be tested on Friday morning and will include statutory words (that may include a maths term) and other words from a spelling pattern.


Times tables

Dear Parents/Carers,

Children will complete a times table test each Friday. There are challenges that the children will work through in school and at home.  There are some very good interactive times tables games on the Woodlands Primary School web pages.. as well as "Hit the button" activity online.


Please find links below...




Thank you

Mr. Magson, Mrs.Heeley and Mrs Nerdrum

Green Class learnt about how people danced in the sixties!

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Some excellent salad making in Green Class!

Some excellent salad making in Green Class!  1

When Spadeworks came to Green Class, we made flowers that bees would be attracted to!

When Spadeworks came to Green Class, we made flowers that bees would be attracted to! 1