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English Homework

The Romans!


Below, you will find 22 tasks. Each one is different, and for your English homework you may choose a task to complete.


You can do the tasks in any order.  Please make sure you write the number of the task you are doing somewhere on your homework, and tick them off as you go.


Hail Caesar!


1. Make a list of objects that we would use now that the Romans used. Show your research!


2. You’re wandering the streets of Pompeii, when you see a volcano beginning to shake in the distance. Write a description of what you see in the following five minutes…


3. Draw or paint a picture of a scene from the Roman times e.g. a Roman banquet, a chariot race, a Roman household. Write a caption to go with it – as if you were explaining the scene to an art critic.


4. Write a short newspaper article announcing the invasion of Britain.


5. Draw yourself as a Roman – you can be any type of Roman you like (soldier, slave, Emperor). Label your drawing, and write a small paragraph explaining what you have to do for your job.


6. Write a diary entry from someone in a British village which gets taken over by the Romans.


7. Find a Roman recipe. Make the recipe and take a photo to show your creation!


8. Write your own acrostic, free-verse of haiku poem about a day in the life of a Roman.


9. Create an outdoor game for Roman children to play.


10. Make a 3D object from Roman times.


11. Imagine you are a child in a rich Roman house – write a diary entry describing your day.


12. Imagine you are a child in a poor Roman house – write a diary entry describing your day.  


13. Create a job advert for someone to work as a slave in a Roman villa.


14. Design a Roman flag using images of Roman objects.


15. Create your own Roman god. Decide what they would be the god of, how people might worship him or her, and draw a picture to match.


16. Make and write a postcard sent from the city of Rome.


17. Find out some Roman foods and use these to design a menu for a Roman café.


18. Draw a Roman gladiator. Around them, mind-map some nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs.


19. If you were the Roman Emperor, what new laws would you make and why? 2 paragraphs.


20. Make a list of 10 adjectives to describe a Roman Emperor. Then, 10 to describe a Roman soldier and 10 for a Roman slave.


21. Imagine you are living in Roman times. Write a paragraph describing three things you would like about living in that time and three things you don’t think you would like. Remember to say why.


22. Invent a new toy for Roman children. Draw your design, label it, and add a detailed description.