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Due in on the 26th of June

This week the children have been using images to derive sentences. They have then been improving these sentences to make them super sentences! For this week's homework I would like the children to continue this learning at home. The picture is below this text. I would like the children to make sentences using the image to help them. The bronze, silver and gold will outline the expectations of these sentences (which will be below the picture). Children to write a minimum of 3 sentences. Here are some key questions that you may want to ask your child before beginning the activity. 


  • What can you see here?
  • Where are they? How do you know?
  • Where did they come from?
  • Why did they come to the moon?
  • What equipment does the man have? Why does he need it?
  • Do you think the dog enjoys being on the moon? Why? What about the man?
  • How long do you think they’ll stay?
  • What will they do here?
  • Will anyone else join them?
Picture 1