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Due in on the 11th of July

This week the children have been looking at recounts. They have all written their own recounts on our trip to the zoo. For this week's homework I would like the children to continue this learning by writing a recount on Peanut's holiday to Spain. Below I have added a picture which is a recount map of this trip. I will outline what the pictures show as a guideline (for parents) but it can completely be the children's ideas. If they would like to stray from the map or add to the map then they can do this as long as they are recounting a trip using the features highlighted in the bronze, silver and gold criteria :).

1. Peanut decides he wants to go on a holiday to Spain.

2. He packs his bags.

3. He gets on a plane.

4. He arrives in Spain.

5. He swims in the pool.

6. He meets lots of friends.

7. He goes to the beach.

8. He goes home.


Picture 1