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Welcome to Blue Class!

I'm Miss Bowman and I am the class teacher for year 1. Mrs Baker and Mrs Tilley are Blue Class' lovely teaching assistants. Mrs Baker works Monday to Wednesday and Mrs Tilley works on a Thursday and Friday. We love working in Blue Class and learning alongside the children. There is nothing more amazing than seeing the children's personalities grow throughout the year as they develop confidence with their learning. This gives them a sense of pride and achievement which makes us all very proud to work with them. We aspire to capture the children's interests as we go along our learning journey, to ensure that they are always engaged and inspired. We aim to promote their love of learning that they will be able to take with them throughout their school journey. Together myself, Mrs Baker and Mrs Tilley make a great team as we offer different skills and attributes. Mrs Baker is very creative and often comes up with fantastic ideas to make our classroom engaging and exciting for the children to work in, Mrs Tilley is very compassionate and caring and I love to have fun and be silly sometimes. We are also very lucky to have a lovely spacious classroom where the children have access to a themed book corner and role play area depending on the class topic. Overall we aim to ensure that children receive the best education, academically and emotionally in a safe learning environment where they feel confident and happy to be themselves.


Blue Class Termly Newsletter

Term 5


Welcome back! I hope that everyone has had a lovely Easter Holiday and eaten lots of yummy Easter eggs! I am very excited to say that this terms topic is World Explorers! The classroom has transformed into a deadly jungle and an airport/travel agent where Blue Class can book and fly off on holiday to a variety of destinations around the world.



This term in English the children will be looking at non-fiction texts, stories from other cultures, persuasive writing and recounts all linking to our topic.



This term in mathematics Blue Class will be learning about mass/weight and capacity/volume, multiplication and division, fractions and position and direction.



This term we will continue our learning with basic computer skills as well as copying and saving images into word documents. The children will then be creating postcards.



This term the children will be creating African houses out of clay and straw as well as creating different landmarks out of box modelling. They will also be looking at pointillism art in Aboriginal paintings.



term in science the children will be exploring humans and animals.



term we will be consolidating knowledge of all phases as well as begin to look at spelling rules and alternate sounds.


Physical Education

P.E will be on a Monday afternoon and Thursday Morning. Please make sure that your children have their P.E kits for those days- Labelled with their first and last names!



children will be learning about hot/cold places and the seven continents of the world.



This term the children will be looking at the history of different continents and the people that live there. They will also explore Christopher Columbus’ life.


General Reminders:

Our special assembly will be on the 2ndof May at 2:45pm

15/30/40/40+ Club will continue every Friday as well as Bug Club awards for the term.

Bug club awards will continue as well- Just a quick reminder that to receive bug club awards the children have to read and answer the questions for each book. If the children only read the book then it will not show as completed until they answer the questions.

Homework will continue with alternate Maths and Phonics.

Spellings will also continue every Friday.

Show and Tell:

(Will now be on Tuesdays except for koalas)

Penguins- Tuesday the 1st of April

Pandas- Tuesday the 8th of May

Lions- Tuesday the 15th of May

Sharks- Tuesday the 22nd of May

Koalas- Wednesday the 23rd of May

Just to remind you that show and tell should be linked to the learning that is taking place at school. This could be anything to with the topic this term, other cultures, accomplishments, writing, maths etc.

Please could you make sure that all of the children’s items of clothing are names with their first names and last names. We also had a few unnamed jumpers and cardigans in our jumper box which were unclaimed so we have put them into lost and found.

Thank you and we look forward to another exciting term! J

Miss Bowman, Mrs Baker and Mrs Tilley.